Berea Utility Advisory Board

Minutes for October 30, 2018, 8:00-9:15 am

BMU Meeting Room

Present: Josh Bills, Rodney Short, Steve Wilkins, Jordan Williamson, Diane Zekind

Staff present: Kevin Howard, Adrian Isaacs, Josh Gabbard,


  1. Discussion of updating BUAB web pages – City of Berea IT department is in charge of City website – update meeting time/location and BUAB members. BMU BUAB page link placed on city boards and commissions page.


  1. Discussion of posting minutes of BUAB meetings – Post agenda a few days before minutes and post minutes after board approval, the following month. Agenda & minutes posted on BMU-BUAB webpage and provide a link to that page on the Berea City Government website.


  1. Corbin looking at AMR, not AMI.


  1. AMP smart meter pricing $1.9M plus $104K, per year, for electric & water 10-year contract. Kevin has a slide deck from AMP that he will share out, today.


  1. AMI – Springbrook can handle AMI and TOU according to their website, but according to Kevin it may be the level of subscription with that vendor as to the billing interface capabilities.


  1. RATES: Paul will look at electric rates – AMP contract on capacity was incorrectly assigned $1.50 vs. $3.00. All verbal discussions were based on $3, but since the contract had the lower price, AMP will honor it. Josh: Can Paul give BUAB a preliminary insights as to rates? Steve: Can Paul do a presentation to city council about the process of rate setting around March or April? Need to consider how to prepare citizens for any rate, or bill, adjustments – or lack, thereof – occurring after April, 2019. (Original Power Cost Adjustment calculation methodology dates to 2010 from a shoulder month.)


  1. UTILITY THEFT: Cut-offs use plastic boots on electric meters and seal is easy to cut. Water meters, they don’t lock after turning off. When utility was under Berea College they had a fine. Now it is a $500 fine per ordinance on the customer. Kevin: We don’t want to be the bad guy and will work with customers any way we can.


  1. Waste water generator ~ $500,000 project. Sewer extension going out to bid.


  1. OWSLEY FORK RESERVOIR ~ Design phase is fully funded through grant proceeds through NRCS and we are moving forward with 18 month design phase.


  1. Next mtg. 11/27