Berea Utility Advisory Board
Agenda for January 24, 2012, 7:30-9:30 am
Conference Room in the BMU Building

 1.   Housekeeping: (10 min)

  • Meeting time for BUAB?  Subcommittees?
  • Staffing form meeting notes? Chair duties?

 2.   Quick updates and reports: (15 min)

  • EECBG Grant progress: solar farm; lighting upgrades
  • Solar Farm questions:  net metering ordinance; finishing second array; planning for possible 3rd array cost and location; KU contract?
  • Inverted rates study:  how to proceed?

 3.   Michael Eirich will present an overview of issues in the core utility areas of water and waste water?  Any next steps for BUAB?  (30-40 min)

 4.   Questions on the Energy Efficiency Committee notes from 11/8/11 meeting?  (attached)

 5.   Should EE Committee or BUAB as a whole arrange an exploratory meeting with one or two ESCO companies to learn more about the feasibility/desirability of Berea entering into a performance contract (energy savings contract) for City facilities as a whole?

 6.   Review “BUAB Task List.”  Is list correct?  What progress on various items?  Additional BUAB work needed to move forward on various times?  (attached)

 7.   Other/new business?