January 24, 2012


Present: Diane Zekind, Rodney Short, Steve Boyce, Josh Bills, Randy Stone, Ed Fortner, Michael Eirich

Absent: Gina Chamberlain

Agenda was distributed; agenda for each meeting is also available on the Utility website.

 Meeting Time:

□    The meeting began with Ed getting a consensus on future BUAB meeting schedules.  It was decided and agreed upon to keep the same meeting date and time.

□    It was agreed that subcommittees or work sessions will be formed on an as needed basis.

  • The EE committees meetings will have a set date/time: 2nd Tues. of each month at 7:30 a.m. (The next meeting being Feb. 14, 2012).

Minutes and Chair duties:

□    Ed thanked Diane for the good job of minute recording she has done and explained that she decided to be relieved from that duty. Other members declined the opportunity to volunteer; therefore Joyce Hendricks volunteered and will take the minutes.

□    Steve Boyce will remain as chairperson and Josh volunteered serve as vice-chairperson.

Updates and Reports:

□    Solar Panel

  • Grant – BMU has yet to make the first draw but has submitted a packet to FAHE.

The original bid of $64,680 (presented to Council) was found to not include $6,500 fencing as Ed and Josh had thought but after some negotiated Ed said Matt w/ Solar Energy agreed to give ½ ($3,250) back.

  • 2nd Array – Randy gave approval to accept the change order and take the final lease agreements (up to 120 grand total).  Joyce will contact the customers on the waiting list.
  • Net Metering Order – Josh said there’s a bill at the state level that would mandate utilities to raise the limits form 30 kW to 2000 kW; however the legislation doesn’t apply to municipals. KY Sustainable Energy Alliance is promoting the bill (on file 3 years) and there’s increased friendliness toward the bill.
  • Sewer Treatment Plant – In the future the WWTP could be a net metering customer w/Blue Grass Energy
  • 3rd Array – The EE committee will discuss/research another array.
  • KU contract – Ed will make the necessary contacts and review the contract to assure BMU isn’t violating any contractual obligations.
  • Publicize– Ed invited BUAB to attend the Wed., Jan. 25th videoing of the solar array by the Babcock Foundation.
  • Inverted rate study – Randy will meet with Paul Garcia that worked with the City on previous rate studies (former Prime Group employee).  He’s with a different company at this time.  Steve will research and see if there’s enough interest to proceed to learn more.  He said Waverly had used college interns and he suggested getting involved with Berea College interns to learn and explore the demographics.  There are other places that have implemented inverted rates and stayed revenue neutral.

□    Water and Wastewater Core Issues presented by Michael Eirich

  • Michael Eirich passed out a handout of present and future projects
  • Original Charter of this core mission – Policies and Procedures
  • Each item was discussed with information and ideas being shared (see attached notes)
  • Rodney expressed an interest in reviewing the budget since suggestions or projects would depend largely on the budget. Ed pointed out that the budget is available on the City website and he would be available for more details.
  • See attached notes

□    Other items discussed:

  • Unauthorized dirt filling on Hwy 595 private property that endangers one of BMU’s sewer pump/lift stations. Michael explained that the pump station was required due to topography that prevents gravity flow to the plant, the consequences of flooding on the customers’ side and the plant side, the State requirements for reporting, etc. He also informed the board members of the Division of Water violations and fines imposed. BMU recently submitted a corrective plan for a new influent metering project that will be placed on the 2011-2012 budget with an approximately amount of $40-$60,000 to implement.  Through that and meetings that Ed has attended, he hopes that the BMU has rebuilt and gained confidence with the DOW.
  • Landfill – small leachate treatment plant – must replace part of the water line to the building.  Also need to replace part of the effluent line from the plant to the sewer line. There’s no budgeted moneys inherited when the City gave this to BMU to manage.

BUAB Tasks:

□    Policies and procedures

□    Review and become acquainted with the budget

Ed concluded the meeting at 9:00 a.m.

The next regular meeting for the Berea Utility Advisory Board is scheduled to 7:30 am on Tuesday February 28, 2012 at the Berea Municipal Utilities Building.  The EE committee meeting will be Feb. 14, 2012 at 7:30 am at the BMU building.

Respectfully submitted by: Joyce Hendricks

Notes from Michael Eirich’s Presentation 1/24/12

Overview of Water and Waste Water Utilities

Water Projects:

  • 2009-2010 – Completed an upgrade of the Water Treatment System:  Installed a DAF system and new filters, built a Chemical Feed Building, upgraded Owsley Fork Pump Station, installed an emergency generator
    • 3 ½ million storage capacity.
    • BMU sells approx. 2 ½ million per day
  • Exit 76 water line:  Install an 8” water line from the end of Plaza Drive across I-75 to Spring Circle.  Approved, getting easements signed
    • Boost & maintain pressure
    • Alternate way to feed customers in case of  a line break

• BMU • Garrard Co. Water • Southern Madison Water->Rockcastle

    • BMU was been able to take advantage of Southern Madison Water Districts storage when we experienced a problem at Haiti.
  • Upgrade the Cowbell Pump Station, replace valves at high service pump station, install telemetry at West End Tank:  Submitted to State for funding
    • Dropped upgrade from original plant upgrade plans
    • Telemetry = device to send signal to plant for monitoring water level
    • Lagoon – need funding for next fiscal year
  • New water supply:  Building a new dam above Owsley Fork:  In partnership with Berea College
    • Some grant monies to put into research of project
  • Upgrade the dam at Owsley Fork:  In partnership with Berea College and the Red Lick Creek Watershed Conservancy District and the Madison County Conservation Office
    • New Opportunity/Direction
    • Federal level mandate – inspection of dams for breach analysis
      • Resulted in reclassification to “high hazard” due to homes built below the dam.
      • Requires upgrades -Sam Miller, NRCS is researching to see who actually owns the dam (NRCS could match 65/35 % of funding)
    • Possible to raise dam to eliminate another dam being built
      • Would increase capacity ½ again
  • Solve our water loss problem:  Water loss is too high.  Leak Detection Program
    • 25%-30% unaccounted  (standard = <17% of processed water)
    • Possible to control better with master meter installations
    • Aging water system contributes to problem (Water lines began in 1903)
  • Valve location and exercise program
    • Repair and Replace = ongoing program
    • Use Darrell in GIS to help locate
    • When it’s necessary to make repairs BMU must have a larger number of customers out of water to make the repairs due valves that don’t close properly.
  • Line flushing program
    • Normally flushed twice a year to reduce stagnation & alleviate dead-end main problems.
      • It would be ideal if Fire Dept. and BMU could coordinate the efforts to do directional flushing and make it more productive

Sewer Projects:

  • 2005-2006 – Upgraded the Sewer Plant
    • Completed 4.3 million gallon capacity
  • Replace the Walnut Meadow (I-75) Pump Station – Submitted to the State for funding
    • The original sewer plant was converted to a pump station and is aged.  There was a fire in the control panel recently but a 2nd set of controls

is being used until it can be replaced.  Senator Jared Carpenter, former BUAB member aided in getting the paper work on the Governor’s desk..

  • Terrill Branch Sewer Line – Submitted to the State for funding
    • Sugarville across & down Highway 1016 to Larry Combs’
    • Expecting to be informed by March about funding.
  • Install flow meters at the Sewer Plant:  Required by our permit
    • Per new permit, both influent and effluent must be measured.
    • BMU was fined $8,000 (under previous administration) for non-compliance to install an influent meter and they went back 8 years.
      • New project plans to install influent meters was submitted and BMU is awaiting an official letter of approval for the $40-$60,000 project
      • After meeting their demands, Ed is hopeful that we’ve rebuilt and gained the DOW confidence.
  • Inflow and Infiltration problems:  Inspect and repair sewer lines and manholes
    • Inflow problems: property owner cleanout caps, downspouts directed into sewer drains, aged & brick manholes (especially at Berea College)
    • BMU sent the jet-vac truck to be repaired yesterday; which is needed to use with the new camera truck
    • With the use of the camera we found inconsistencies in the sewer installation at Stoney Creek Subdivision
    • Rain and ground water – plant has 4.3 million gallon capacity but during the recent rainy weather the intake was over 8 million.