Berea Utility Advisory Board
Agenda for April 24, 2011, 7:30-8:45 am
Conference Room in the BMU Building

 1.   Quick updates and reports:

  • Update on KWWOA conference (KY Water  & Wastewater Operators Association) – Ed
  • Student internship update – Steve
  • Solar Farm (SRECS on 1st & 2nd array; finishing 2nd array; starting 3rd array) – Josh & Steve
  • Johnson Controls 50,000 foot assessment – Randy
  • Net metering ordinance – Ed
  • Other?

2.   Update on EE Subcommittee meeting on 4/10/12.  Questions about notes (attached)

3.   2012-13 BMU budget

  • Update
  • Excerpt from EE Subcommittee notes from 11/8/12 (present:  Gina, Josh, Steve, Randy, Ed)

“There seems to be nothing in the 2011-12 BMU budget earmarked for water or electricity efficiency programs or improvements.  The EECBG Grant language indicates $15,000 would be set aside this year and $20,000 next year (2012-13) for energy efficiency.

It was agreed that funds should be built into next year’s budget for conservation/efficiency projects.  It was also agreed that in determining an amount to be built into next year’s budget for water and/or electricity efficiency/conservation programs that $20,000 should be the starting point for the conversation.”

4.   Electric rate increases for 2012-13 and beyond:  discussion

  • Plans at this point about how to proceed this year:  service charge versus energy charge?
  • Linkage to investment in EE improvements
  • Role of Prime Group in 2012-13 and beyond?

5.   Next meeting BUAB May 22 & EE Subcommittee May 8?  Other/new business?