Berea Utility Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes
June 26, 2012

Present: Diane Zekind, Josh Bills, Rodney Short, Bill Suters, Randy Stone

Absent: Gina Chamberlain, Ed Fortner

Guest: Michael Eirich

The meeting was called to order by Josh Bills

Updates and Reports

  •  Mr. William (Bill) Suters has been appointed to B.U.A.B. to replace Steve Boyce who tendered his resignation on May 29th. . Bill provided a short biography of his various experiences including serving on the sewer commission for 22 years. Welcome to Bill Suters.
  •  B.U.A.B. Charge – Josh Bills distributed copies and reviewed the original charge of B.U.A.B. that was issued in October 2008. This was an excellent reminder for all on what items the Board needs to focus on and make its recommendations.
  • Solar Farm – A third array (30 kW in size) is being proposed to be constructed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Josh has developed estimated costs and savings and has submitted a proposal to Ed Fortner and Randy Stone for their review and consideration.
  • Other – A question arose relative to the impact of the draught on the water supply. Michael Eirich commented that there is currently 220 days of supply and a water shortage plan is ready to be issued if required. Michael also wanted to remind everyone that free non-potable water is available at the Wastewater Treatment Plant during the week and usually on Saturday morning. Many residents use this water for their gardens and contractors use it for dust control on job sites.

Electric Rate Increase for 2012-13

  • Josh distributed copies of the presentation made by Paul Garcia of Norbourne Associates to the City Council on June 18th. Increases were made to all classifications in the areas of service, demand and energy charges in order to cover the revenue shortfall and to cover the increases from KU. It is important to note that 80% of the utility operating costs is to purchase power from KU. These increases passed under the Rate Stabilization Act at the City Council meeting on June 19th and will go into effect on July 1st; customers will see the new rates with the bills that will be due on September 10th.
  • Josh made the comment that in the future B.U.A.B. would like to have the opportunity to meet with Paul Garcia or whoever does the cost-of-service study prior to any formal presentation and have more discussions relative as to how the numbers were arrived at and the impact on customers.


  • Bill Suters made the suggestion that inserts be included with the bills on various topics such as water conservation and other utility-related topics. Would it be possible to get a student intern to do this?

The next EE subcommittee meeting is scheduled for July 10th (Josh to confirm) and the next B.U.A.B. meeting will be Tuesday July 24th at 7:30am.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Zekind