Berea Utility Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes
August 28, 2012


Present: Josh Bills, Diane Zekind, Rodney Short, Gina Chamberlain, Bill Suters, Ed Fortner

Photo for upcoming Berea Solar Energy Event

  • Sustainable Berea had a photographer take group photos of BUAB members in front of the Berea Solar Farm for the event in October.

BMU Fees, Policies, and Procedures Discussion

  • Packets information including the Code of Ordinances were distributed for each members review.
  • Ed explained how that Fire Hydrant and Street Light fees were taken away with the merge of the utilities and that the City collects franchise fee, all of which contributes to the $400,000 -500,000 City programs.  Ed said this is common practice among utilities.

Rolling Agenda with Ongoing Projects and Business

  • Ed passed around a couple of samples of the Springbrook bill; which includes an 12 month historical electric usage graph.  Other graphs would be a customization and would be an additional cost. He said the solar credit and net metering items will be built as rates and appear as separate line items on the bills.
  • Discuss making BUAB reference documents available electronically vs. paper.  Joyce will make documents available as attachments in emails.

Planning for October Utility Day Event (continued).

  •  Gina pointed out that participation in the Sustainable Berea October event is divided between Old Town and the “Berea Utilities Day” at Harrison Road.  She asked what vision BUAB had for our event that will take place between 1-5 pm.  Ed said BMU can take charges of the Water Savings area and Gina volunteered to  take on “how to save electric”, while Josh said he’d cover the Solar Path Finder.  Bill suggested he contact Emergency Management about contributing to the event. Ed said Josh may want to see if Steve with Solar Energy Solutions will come and talk about the solar panels. Keeping the focus on utility information, the group agreed to ask other companies to participate such as asking Delta Gas to put up a booth on conservation, safety, rebates and auditing.  Ed said we have a tight budget but he envisions booths, savings displays, utility equipment displays, food, educational and fun things to do.  Rodney suggested a flyer to advertise just the BMU Utility Day and putting it on the local cable channel. Ed will also check with the newspaper about an ad.

Updates/Reports/New Business?


  • Ed said solar powered flow meters will be installed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Next meeting BUAB Sept. 25 and EE Subcommittee Sept. 11.