Berea Utility Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes
September 25, 2012

Present:  Diane Zekind, Rodney Short, Josh Bills, Bills Suters, Gina Chamberlain, Ed Fortner, Randy Stone

Open Issues:

Ed reported on the 1996 digger truck incident at the WWTP oxidation ditch.  He said that an October 08, 2012 Derrick Digger Truck certification training had been scheduled prior to the incident.

BMU Fees, Policies, and Procedures:

Private Security and Street Lighting

Bill expressed that he was having trouble getting the financial information, the audit was confusing and he could not devise with a scientific way to figure the rate scale for new connection fees.  He recommends private lights not being allowed in R-1 zones due to light pollution unless there is a variance.  Randy said the City policy for street light placement is every 300 feet.

Ed said BMU’s policy is that security lights must stay in place for 5 years but it takes about 15 years to recapture the installation costs.  He had talked to Henry Jackson about the cost of installation LED’s; which is 4-5 times more than conventional lighting.  Light replacement was discussed with questions about how many BMU should replace per year.

Diane said Berea College Campus Drive is now lit with LED’s.  LED life span is an issue.  She discussed some pros and cons and different energy efficient lighting products they are trying.

Gina wanted to clarify the recommendations that BUAB wants to make.  Do we cover our costs?  What happens if neighbors have issues with lighting?  Who’s paying?

Rodney offered a suggestion that BMU require up-front payments for security lights installations.

Gina suggested a fact sheet on the different options or alternatives with links for information. She thought the cost should line up for a five year commitment. She also thought community meetings w/police about protection might be an avenue to discuss lighting.  On educating customers, Ed suggested using a 3rd party such as MACED to educate customers.

Discussion of Utility Day:

Ed said we have a sign ordered to place at the Solar Farm to provide basic information for people visiting the site.  Solar Energy Solutions LLC agreed to pay for the signage.

There were general discussions on what BMU needs for the event such as flyers, speakers to promote the event, tables and other vendors.

Project Updates:

The $660,000 Walnut Meadow Pump Station project is about 50% completed.

The Exit 76 Waterline Extension is 95% completed.  All they like is the tie-ins. Oil has been pumped off and they required PVC for a future monitoring well.

The $1.3 mil Terrill Branch Extension Project -a public meeting on October 11, 2012 to make offers for easements.  The City Municipal’s offer will be to waive (1) $400 tap fee for all existing dwellings.  There are flood plain considerations in the area. The environmental report came back clean.  David Duttlinger, Department of Community Development with Bluegrass ADD will be at the meeting.

Water Storage Tanks – BMU has a 3 million gallon ground storage tank at the WTP and 1/2 million gallon elevated storage tank on the west end of Berea.  The recent critical valve shut down at the water plant created low pressure problems, so Ed said BMU would probably build another tank would alleviate such problems.

The Shortline Road 14” Pipe Relocation Project is going on.  The City received funding but the work has to be completed within a short time-frame.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Solar Energy is still in the talking stage.  Ed feels that 100% needs to be leased before BMU begins.  The plant is serviced by Bluegrass Energy. The results will reduce the energy cost for the plant and provide options for BMU customers to lease 120 more panels.

Future Meetings:

The EE subcommittee will meet the 2nd Tuesday of November.  Subject: Rundown of how the Utility Event went.

BUAB members are invited to attend the KU/KMUA Meeting from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on October 30, 2012 in lieu of the regular BUAB meeting.  This is the first time the meeting will be held outside hometown Louisville.  Arrangements for a trolley tour have been made for the KU/KMUA members and their spouses.

The next regular BUAB meeting will be November 27, 2012 ((Tuesday after Thanksgiving Holiday).

Minutes submitted by:                              Joyce Hendricks