Residential Electric Rates

Monthly Residential Electric Rates (per KWH)
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Minimum rate – $20.00
Energy rates – $0.0706 per kwh

What is the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA)?

The PCA is a rate mechanism electric utilities use to recover fluctuating purchased power costs. BMU currently purchases electricity from American Municipal Power (AMP) at wholesale rates which are adjusted annually and fluctuate monthly with changes in fuel cost. The PCA enables BMU to recover these fluctuating wholesale power costs as they occur without overcharging or undercharging customers through fixed retail rates.

How is the PCA Calculated?

The PCA is a fixed charge for kilowatt hour (kWh). The PCA total will depend on the number of kWh’s the customer uses during each billing period. BMU reviews and adjusts the PCA calculation on a monthly basis. The PCA calculation is determined by reviewing the difference between the amount BMU actually pays AMP for wholesale power and the amount BMU collects through its monthly electric rates to the customer. The PCA is then increased or decreased to reconcile the amount that BMU under collects or over collects.


An additional 10% penalty will be assessed when payment is not received by the due date. Failure to pay on or before the 20th of each month shall be cause for shutting off the utilities by BMU, and an additional charge of $20/$40 payable to BMU will be made for turning on utilities.


The thresholds for determining various commercial and industrial rates are as follows:

Class 2 (small commercial) = Average of less than 2,000 kWh per month energy usage and average 10 kW or less demand.

Class 3 (large commercial) = Average of less than 25,000 kWh per month energy usage and average 50 kW or less demand.

Class 4 (industrial and large commercial) = Average of greater than 25,000 kWh per month energy usage and average of greater than 50 kW demand.