Berea Municipal Utilities personnel will continue water system flushing during the month of October.  This flushing procedure will coincide with the annual Berea Fire Department fire hydrant testing program.  The system flushing and hydrant testing will continue through the end of October.

The flushing procedures are conducted annually in an effort to remove sediment and mineral deposits that settle inside water mains and infrastructure over time which can have a negative impact on the taste and odor of our drinking water.  Additionally, the hydrant testing program serves the purpose of operating, inspecting, and maintenance of the City of Berea fire protection system.

If you notice a slight discoloration in your water, turn on a cold water tap at your home – preferably an outside faucet, to full flow for a few minutes until the water is clear. If the problem persists, contact Berea Municipal Utilities at 859-986-4391 for assistance.