Due to the forecasted frigid temperatures over the next several days, Berea Municipal Utilities would like to share a few cost saving energy reminders and frozen pipe prevention tips.  The energy and water provided to our customers is purchased by Berea Municipal Utilities at a wholesale rate and provided to you, our customer, at a retail rate.

Any energy or water conservation measures you can take not only saves you money on your monthly bill, it also enables our utility to keep rates low for our customers.

During extreme winter temperatures the demand on our electrical system takes a toll on our transformers and circuit breakers.  Likewise, frigid temperatures can also cause problems in the water distribution system.  Usually in the form of frozen or broken water lines which leads to costly repairs for both the utility and the customer.

By following some of these tips, we can all work together to ensure we get through this period of cold weather with minimal impact to our utility and no costly repairs for our customers.

Cold Weather Preparedness Tips