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Call Before You Dig

Safe digging starts with you!

Accidentally cutting into utility lines is not only expensive, but can be deadly. Kentucky law requires underground utility lines or cables be located and marked prior to beginning any project that involves excavation, digging, drilling, grading or other activities that moves dirt and rock. This can also apply to homeowners as well as commercial contractors excavating for buildings.

Who Should I Call?

At least 48 hours prior to digging, you should call each of the following:

8-1-1 – The One-call Center – reached by dialing 811 or 800-752-6007 (if calling from outside Kentucky) – is a centralized call center with access to information about the location of natural gas and telecommunication lines. Bluegrass Energy customers can also find utility locations by calling this number.

BMU – BMU water, sewer or electric customers should call BMU operations at 859-986-4391

Southern Madison Water – If you are a Southern Madison Water customer, you should also call them at 859-986-9031.

If underground lines exist in that area, the utilities will mark the location of the lines within that 48 hour period. Be sure that the flags are not tampered with once the lines are marked. If the flags are moved someone could dig in the wrong location and cut into our lines.

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