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Utility Rates

Berea Municipal Utilities operates its three utilities just like a business. That means the Electric, Water and Wastewater utilities must generate enough revenue through user fees to cover all the costs of operations. In addition to staff time, equipment maintenance, and materials and supplies needed to provide the direct services of each utility, other costs, such as debt service payments and funding for capital improvements, must also be recovered through the rates. Utility funds are not supported by property taxes; revenue is generated from user fees.

Utility rates are set at the local level by the Berea City Council. As a public utility, BMU does not have shareholders or pay dividends to private entities. BMU does, however, provide a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) to the City of Berea to help to offset the need for additional taxes.

The below is effective July 1, 2019


Service Charge$20
Energy Charge (per kWh)$.0706
Small Commercial – less than 2,000 kWh per month and 10 kW demand
Service Charge$24
Energy Charge (per kWh)$.0629
Large Commercial – less than 25,000 kWh per month and 50kW demand
Service Charge$37
Energy Charge (per kWh)$0.0567
Demand Charge (per kW)$5.75
Industrial & Large Commercial – greater than 25,000 kWh per month and 50kW demand
Minimum Charge$125
Energy Charge (per kWh)$0.0414
Demand Charge (per kW)$12.50
Primary Metering with Customer Owned/Leased Transformer 
Minimum Charge$200
Energy Charge (per kWh)$0.0405
Demand Charge (per kW)$11.50
Primary Metering non-Owned/Leased Transformer
Minimum Charge$150
Energy Charge (per kWh)$0.0416
Demand Charge (per kW)$10
Private Outdoor Lighting Service 
Mercury Vapor – 175-watt Std Ovrhd$9.02
Mercury Vapor – 175-watt Exist Pole$7.73
Mercury Vapor – 400-watt Exist Pole$12.14
High Pressure Sodium – 100-watt Std Ovrhd$6.52
High Pressure Sodium – 100-watt Exist Pole$5.81
High Pressure Sodium – 250-watt Std Ovrhd (Cobra head)$12.78
High Pressure Sodium – 250-watt Exist Pole (Cobra head)$11.95
High Pressure Sodium – 250-watt Std Ovrhd (Directional)$22.60
High Pressure Sodium – 250-watt Exist Pole (Directional)$12.17
LED – 64-watt LED Exist Pole$8.72
LED – 64-watt LED New Pole$19.12
LED – 72-watt LED Exist Pole$9.13
LED – 72-watt LED New Pole$19.53
LED – 108-watt LED Exist Pole$12.33
LED – 108-watt LED New Pole$22.73

Power Cost Adjustment

A Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) may be added to energy charges for all service classes. The PCA is a rate mechanism electric utilities use to recover fluctuating purchased power costs. BMU currently purchases electricity from American Municipal Power (AMP) at wholesale rates which are adjusted annually and fluctuate monthly with changes in fuel cost. The PCA enables BMU to recover these fluctuating wholesale power costs as they occur without overcharging or undercharging customers through fixed retail rates.

First 200 cubic feet$12.00
All Over 200 cubic feet.$0.0515
First 200 cubic feet$13.00
Next 1,800 cubic feet$0.0458
Next 3,000 cubic feet$0.0423
Next 5,000 cubic feet$0.0383
Next 5,000 cubic feet$0.0328
Over 15,000 cubic feet$0.0310
Fire Protection
6″ sprinkler line$47.25
8″ sprinkler line$65.75
10″ sprinkler line$85.25
12” sprinkler line$103.75
BMU Residential Water Customers
First 200 cubic feet$10.50
Over 200 cubic feet$0.0471
Southern Madison Water Customers
First 1,500 gallons$10.50
Over 1,500 gallons$0.00630


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