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Leak and Pool Adjustments

Leak Adjustments

If a customer experiences a water leak from a broken water pipe that results in a dramatic increase in the customer’s bill, the city may consider an adjustment based upon such a request by the customer.  Before any bill adjustments, the leak must be repaired. Proof of the repair is required, such as a plumber’s statement or other necessary documentation. 

Upon satisfactory proof of the leak, the city may adjust the customer’s bill as follows: 

  • The sewer portion shall be reduced to the monthly average of the prior three sewer bills.
  • The water portion will be comprised of two components:
    1. A charge for the monthly average of the three water bills prior to the leak at BMU regular water rates.
    2. A charge for usage in excess of the average historical usage as discussed above at
      the applicable incremental leak adjustment rate

BMU will generally adjust one bill during the period the leak occurred. The highest consumption bill during the period of the leak will be used for an adjustment, which will provide the customer with the maximum dollar adjustment. If the leak occurred in the middle of a billing cycle, then a second bill may be adjusted. 

Customers are eligible for only one (1) leak adjustment in a twelve (12) consecutive month period. BMU will not make leak adjustments if not requested within 90 days from the billing date. 

Pool Adjustments

Because the water utilized when filling a pool does not enter the sewer system, BMU offers a once-per-year adjustment that would adjust your sewer bill to its average. A customer will need to provide the begin and end dates of filling the pool as well as the dimension of the pool. As a courtesy, BMU requests that customers notify us in advance of filling a pool.

Request an Adjustment

To request a leak or pool adjustment, please call a BMU customer representative at 859-986-4391 or visit our lobby at 212 Chestnut Street.

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