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Levelized Billing

Staying on a budget is often quite difficult when your electric bill is subject to extreme fluctuations due to seasonal usage. Levelized Billing can smooth out those peaks. With Levelized Billing, you will know what to expect on your electric bill. The amount will be approximately the same month after month — even throughout peak cooling and heating periods. It does not reduce your electric bills, but it will even out your charges and help you manage your electric bills.

With Levelized Billing, your electric bill is calculated by adding your current actual electric bill to your previous 11 months’ total and dividing by 12. The purpose is to help make your electric service costs easier to budget because you receive approximately the same size bill each month. This plan is especially valuable for anyone on a budget or limited income.

Because a “rolling average” method is used, your amount due will vary from month to month. Although Levelized Billing can help take the shock out of your electric bill during extremely cold or hot weather, your electric bill will not be the exact same amount each month as it would be with budget billing. The only time your account is reconciled is when you leave the BMU system or when you decide you no longer want to participate in the Levelized Billing Plan.

To be eligible for the budget billing, the following must be true:

    • Your account has had service at least 12 months at the current residence.
    • Your current account balance is $0.00 (zero dollars).

With Levelized Billing, utility customers must pay their bills by the due date. If not, you may be removed from the plan and returned to regular billing. There is no charge to be placed on Levelized Billing and customers may return to regular billing at any time by notifying BMU and by paying the total amount due on the bill.

Sign Up for Levelized Billing

Customers wishing to sign up for Levelized Billing can do so by completing the Levelized Billing Agreement and returning to BMU via email at or by dropping off at 212 Chestnut Street. Please call our office at (859) 986-4391 for additional information.

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