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Information for Landlords

FAQs for Landlords

What is a standing deposit?
A standing deposit is a type of security deposit that remains on the landlord’s account indefinitely. This allows the landlord to transfer service back to their name during periods of vacancy without having to provide a new deposit each time. The transfer can be accomplished with a phone call rather than going through the process of establishing new service. The standing deposit can be refunded at any time upon the request of the landlord as long as there is no outstanding balance. 

What do my tenants need to establish service?
BMU requires a lease agreement signed by both the tenant and landlord before establishing service to anyone renting the property where service will be provided. The lease should include the names of all tenants and the full-service address with unit number, if applicable. If a lease is not available, BMU will accept the Lease Substitute Form

Tenants will also be responsible for providing a security deposit and required identification. If Southern Madison Water District provides water service, your tenant will need to establish service at SMWD before establishing service with BMU. Please see the Start/Stop/Transfer Service page for additional requirements for establishing service. 

How do I transfer service to back to me?
After a tenant has disconnecting service, a landlord with a standing deposit who would like to keep the utilities on, can call BMU to schedule a transfer of service. BMU will not automatically transfer services into a landlord’s name when a tenant terminates services. Landlords without a standing deposit must provide a security deposit and establish service as a new customer. 

Can I have services disconnected from a tenant who is behind on rent?
BMU will NOT assist landlords in the eviction of a tenant by means of disconnecting utility services. KSR 383:655 states that it is unlawful to remove or exclude a tenant from the premises or willfully diminish services to the tenant by interrupting or causing the interruption of heat, running water, hot water, electric, gas, or other essential service.

Can I turn off service for a repair?
If a landlord needs utilities disconnected temporarily for a repair, renovation, etc., we ask that they call our office to schedule a temporary disconnect. We ask that property owners or their contractors do not disconnect services on their own. 

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