Water Sources

The total storage capacity of BMU raw water sources is 909,732,000 gallons.  This includes four raw water reservoir sources:

  • Owsley Fork Reservoir

  • 151 Acre Reservoir
  • 653,953,000 gallons
  • 4,900 Acre drainage basin
  • Cowbell Hollow Reservoir
  • 17 Acre Reservoir
  • 151,840,000 gallons
  • B-Lake (Lower Silver Creek)
  • 19 Acre Reservoir
  • 81,457,000 gallons
  • Kale Lake (Upper Silver Creek)
  • 5 Acre Reservoir
  • 22,482,000 gallons (emergency use)

Water System

The water system itself is comprised of two raw water pump stations.  They are located at:

  1. Owsley Fork Reservior
  2. Cowbell Hollow Reservoir

The system currently has 3.5 million gallons of water storage capacity at the following two locations:

  1. Three million gallons of ground storage at a tank near the water treatment plant
  2. 1/2 million gallons on the west end of Berea in an elevated storage tank

The system is comprised of approximately 74 miles of water lines.