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New Construction

Whether you are building a new home on a vacant lot or adding a separate structure, you’re first stop will be to obtain a building permit application from the City of Berea Codes and Planning Department. Building permit applications can be found here. As part of the permitting process, approvals must be obtained from the various utility providers to ensure that utility connection is possible at the desired location.

If your project includes connecting services to Berea Municipal Utilities, you should take your building permit application to the BMU Operations offices at 200 Harrison Court. A connection fee is assessed for each service requested. The connection fee for water service is based on the meter size.

If you are going with underground electric, BMU charges the cost difference between underground and overhead wire. In addition to the building permit, electrical permits for both temporary and permanent electrical connections must be obtained from the City of Berea Codes Department or the Madison County Codes Office before service can be connected.  See Checklists below for additional specifications. Sewer taps must be inspected by a Berea Municipal Utilities employee before being covered over.

A customer account must be set up and deposits paid to Berea Municipal Utilities Customer Service before service will be provided.  See the Start/Stop/Transfer Service page for more information.

For any questions, please call the BMU office at 859-986-4391.


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