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Solar Credits

Net Metering

What is net metering?

A net meter can measure electricity flowing to the utility from a customer’s renewable energy system when a customer is producing more energy than they are using. It also measures the amount of electricity used by the customer that is supplied by the utility. At the end of the month, the customer is billed for the difference, or the ‘net’ amount of electricity used over the month’s time. The value of the excess electricity generated by the solar energy system and delivered to BMU is credited to the customer’s account at their current applicable electric rate. 


Net metering is available to customers who lease or own, operate, and maintain a generation system such as solar, wind or hydro in parallel with BMU’s electric system to provide all or part of their electrical requirements. The generation system is limited to a maximum capacity of 10 kilowatts for residential customers and 60 kilowatts for non-residential customers. 

Sign-up for Net Metering

BMU should be consulted before installing a renewable energy system that a customer wants to use for net metering. Interconnection must be approved by the BMU for the customer to receive a credit for the excess energy they generate. Contact BMU by e-mail or phone 859-985-4391 with any questions.

A Net Metering Notification Form is required at least 30 days prior to the date the customer intends to interconnect his generator to BMU’ s facilities. Customers shall have all equipment necessary to complete the interconnection installed prior to such notification. BMU will notification the customer within 30 days whether the customer has satisfied the requirements for interconnection. 

Metering and Billing

Net Metering service is measured by standard metering practices by metering equipment capable of measuring (but not necessarily displaying) power flow in both directions. If electricity generated by the customer and fed back to the system exceeds the electricity supplied to the customer from the system during any monthly billing period, a Billing Period credit will result and the customer will be required to pay only the non-energy charges for that billing period. The Billing Period Credits will accumulate and be carried forward up to 12 months. Accumulated Billing Period Credits are zeroed out each June.


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