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Fat, Oils, & Grease Management

The Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Program is designed to provide our customers with the tools and knowledge to help prevent clogged pipes in your home or business and to avoid sewer backups also known as sanitary sewer overflows.

Some common FOG found in kitchens includes cooking oils, condiments such as salad dressings and sandwich spreads, meat juices and fat. When FOG is poured down the drain and garbage disposals, it can cause blockages that can cause the sewer to back up into your home or business through sinks, drains and toilets.

Berea Municipal Utilities has released recommendations to follow for both residents and the food service industry when depositing byproducts of cooked meals. The most important of these recommendations is to never put fats, oils or greases down the drain.  Even the smallest amount of fat, oil and greases will solidify and stick to sewer lines. This sticky film catches food and other solid debris washed down the sewer lines, over time, the debris builds up until the water is completely blocked and sewage backups.

BMU requires businesses and industries involved in food preparation and processing to install and maintain a minimum 1,000 Gallon grease trap on premises designed to function as an oil separator.

Under certain circumstances, approved by BMU, the 1,000 Gallon grease trap may be substituted with an under the sink variety.  In order to obtain this waiver, the customer must contact BMU and request a “Grease Trap Waiver” form to be filled out by the customer and returned with a detailed diagram illustrating the plumbing configuration and a copy of the specifications for the proposed separator.  Keep in mind, it will be mandatory for all customers involved in food preparation and processing using grease to provide and maintain the minimum 1,000-gallon grease trap.

For further information or questions concerning the BMU FOG Program please contact our office at 859-985-4391 during regular business hours.


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