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Industrial Pretreatment Program

The Industrial Pretreatment Program is established for Berea Municipal Utilities to perform permitting, administrative, and enforcement tasks for industrial discharges into its sewer system. The program adequately protects water quality and wastewater treatment plant operations by decreasing harmful pollutant levels discharged by industries and other nondomestic wastewater sources in the service area. Local limits are established for various parameters. Facilities regulated by the program are subject to routine site inspection and discharge sampling. Hall Environmental Consultants serve as the Industrial Pretreatment Program coordinator for Berea Municipal Utilities.  

Pretreatment programs are required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for all public sewer systems and are enforced by the Kentucky Division of Water Waste Management branch.  Article IV, Paragraph 31 of City of Berea Code of Ordinances describes BMU’s Sewer Use Ordinance.

For further information or questions concerning the BMU Industrial Pretreatment Program please contact our office at 985-986-4931 during regular business hours.


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